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Can I Take Personal Loan and Home Loan Together?

While taking personal loan and home loan together, keep an eye on servicing and on indebtedness.

Understanding the Difference Between Co-Signer and Co-Applicant for a Home Loan

Adding co-signer improves credibility while adding a co-applicant adds to eligibility for home loans

Guide to Home Loans for Pensioners and Senior Citizens

There is a popular myth that older people cannot get home loans; and that is absolutely incorrect

Why You Should Consider A Home Loan Top-Up: Eligibility, Tax Benefits, & More

If you have an existing home loan, an easy way to access funds is through home loan top-ups

How Much Home Loan Can I Get On My Salary?

What determines your home loan eligibility and how much loan can you get on your salary?

Plot Loan Eligibility for Indians: Everything You Need To Know

There is still an obsession for buying parcels of land in India and you can get funding for the same too

Why Real Estate Is The Best Investment Option Right Now

Despite being a heterogeneous market, real estate has continued to be a lucrative investment option in India

Types of Properties Acceptable as Collateral: A Simple Guide

Collateral is a security for the loan; and here are the types of realty assets you can offer as collateral

What is the Ideal Tenure for Home Loan? 10, 20, or 30 Years?

Choice of home loan tenure has implications for your EMI and also for total interest paid

Thinking about fixing up your home? Begin with a renovation loan!

If you believe that your home needs a renovation and a face lift, you can easily get it funded with a home renovation loan

Impact of GST On Home Loan In 2024

The reduction of GST on under-construction flats and low cost homes will be a further boost to the realty sector

What is the Minimum CIBIL Score Required to be Eligible for Loan Against Property?

Despite loan against property being a secured loan, the banks do insist on a basic threshold credit score

Understanding MOD Charges in Home Loans: Meaning, Fees, And Its Impact

Here is what you need to know about the memorandum of deposit (MOD) charges in a home loan

Notice of Intimation (NOI) For Home Loans: Meaning, Process, And Charges

The notice of intimation (NOI) introduced a decade back is intended to reduce cases of property fraud

How To Claim Refunding Stamp Duty for Cancelled Sales Deeds? Rules & Charges

Stamp duty on property transfer can be claimed as refund if the deal is called off

How To Secure A Loan Against Property?

What are the steps to get a loan against property and how should borrowers go about it?

Understanding Immovable Property: Types, Legal Rights, & Meaning

We often use immovable property in contrast to movable properties; but what exactly is immovable property?

Everything you must know about home loans for nris

Like resident Indians, even non-resident Indians (NRIs) are eligible to get home loans from banks. Here is what to know

Misconceptions about home loans

As people increasingly depend on home loans for buying their dream homes, the myths also keep growing in tandem

A simple guide for people buying their first home in india

If you are buying property for the first time, there are some basic checks and balances you need to be aware of

Home loans are for everyone – whether you have a salary or you are self-employed

It is a myth that home loans are not for self-employed. If you have right documents, even self-employed can get home loans

What is property tax, and how do we figure out the cost?

As the owner of a property, one of your duties is to ensure that property it paid on time. Here is how to figure it out.

Applying for a home loan in your 40s? here are 6 important things to know

If you are applying for a home loan in your 40s, you just need to take some additional precautions along the way

Finishing up your home loan? Make sure you do these important tasks

If you home loan is about to get over, you cannot just relax. Here are some important things you need to focus on

How to pick the best home loan provider: 6 simple steps

In the modern world, customer is king. You have the luxury of choosing the best home loan provider, based on select criteria

Understand the important clauses in your home loan agreement

It is said the devil lies in detail; which is why it is very critical to read the fine print clauses of the home loan agreement

Why getting a no objection certificate (noc) is important after paying off your home loan

It is not just enough to pay off your home loan; you must also get the no objection certificate, as part of the process

Buying a home on your terms: a guide to mortgages for self-employed individual

Lenders often prefer to lend to salaried persons due to fixed income, but self-employed can get mortgage loans too

Home loan application rejected - know the common reasons

It can be disheartening to get your home loan application rejected, but it is smarter to know the reasons for the same

how to check sbi home loan application status online

Once you apply for a home loan, you may or may not hear from the bank immediately. Here is how you can do checks

What papers should you look at before buying a resale property?

When you buy a secondary property from an existing owner, there are some basic legal checks you need to do for sure

Why is it good to get a joint home loan?

Getting a joint loan not only enhances your loan eligibility, but also makes the entire home loan a lot more tax-efficient

Sbi home loan for non-residential properties

SBI home loans are not only available for residential properties but also for non-residential properties, also called CREs

Tips for availing sbi home loan with low income

If you are in the lower income group, can you still get a home loan? The good news is there are special schemes for this

All You Should Know about Token Money while Buying a Property

Taking token money is a standard practice in India and here is what you must know about token money and safety checks

What To Do If You Can't Pay Your SBI Home Loan EMIs On Time

In case you are in a financial crisis and cannot repay your SBI Home loan on time, you need to sit with the bank and talk

Different Types of Mortgage Loans in India

We use the term mortgage loans quite loosely, but in reality there are a number of classifications for mortgage loans

Top Benefits of Using an Online Income Tax Calculator

With the surge in the number of tax assessees, it is good to be familiar with online income tax calculator

What Factors Decide Your Home Loan Interest Rates?

There are several factors that will determine the rate of interest at which you get the home loan. Here are a few.

A Detailed Guide to SBI RERA Registration: Rules & Benefits

MAHARERA registration brings a lot of simplicity, transparency, and safety into dealing in real estate in India

Reduction in GST Rate on Housing & it’s Impact on Home Loan

The reduction in GST for home buyers is a big boost to housing, and a bigger boost to affordable housing

How to Start Saving Money to Buy Your Dream Home

Cost of your dream home may have gone up sharply, but there is a method. You can plan for your dream home systematically

What are the Consequences of Missing Home Loan EMI?

A good personal credit rating is worth its weight in gold and that is why you must never default on home loan EMIs

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for A Home Loan

There is a lot of process involved in a home loan application and here’s a primer on how to avoid basic mistakes

Pre-Approved Home Loans: Meaning, Benefits & Features

If you want to quicken the process of home loan approval, you can take a time-bound pre-approval well in advance

Difference Between Land Loan and Home Loan

A home loan differs from a land loan and you need to grasp the nuances of both the products in fairly granular detail

Home Loan Disbursement and Sanctioning Process: A Guide

Home loan sanctions and disbursement appear to be the same, but in reality, sanction is just the first step to disbursement

Should you Apply for Home Loan Online or Offline?

When applying for a home loan for your dream home, should you adopt the online route or the offline route?

Discover The Benefits of Applying for A Home Loan Right Now!

Your own home is a long-term financial and emotional connect, but more advantageous is using the home loan route

Guide to Property Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Mumbai

One of the key steps to buying a property is to get it officially registered with the relevant state department. Here is how.

Top 5 Home Loan Benefits for Ladies

One of the key steps to buying a property is to get it officially registered with the relevant state department. Here is how.

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Taking a Loan Against Property

If you own property, it is possible to take loan against property (LAP), but there are some key mistakes you should avoid

Everything You Should Know About Home Loan Disbursement Process.

Once the home loan sanctioned, the more important part is the disbursal of the loan and here are the steps involved

Secure Your Dream Home with Home Loan Repayment Options

Apart from the traditional EMI mode of home loan repayment, there are a number of other ways to suit your appetite

Fixed vs. Floating Home Loan Interest Rate – How to Choose?

Is there a golden rule to decide whether to opt for a fixed rate home loan or whether opt for a floating rate home loan?

Home Loan Down Payment: What is it and How to Save for it?

When you buy a home, you need to plan for your down payment portion and you can actually invest for it as a goal

Difference Between Home Insurance and Home Loan Insurance

In home insurance, you insure the value of your asset, while in home loan insurance it protects the home loan from default

Home Loan for Government Employees- All You Need to Know!

Home loan for government employees – Know the application process, eligibility criteria, features and interest rates for government employees for home loan.

How to Calculate Home Loan EMI in Easy Steps

Learn how to calculate your home loan EMI in easy steps and find out monthly interest, principal and outstanding amount with the help of calculator or formula.

6 Easy Ways to Maintain a Healthy Credit Score & Profile

Maintaining a healthy credit score is a crucial part for getting loans. Here are 6 ways to maintain a healthy credit score & improve the chances of getting loan.

Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio: What is it and How it Works?

Loan-to-value (LTV) ratio determines how much financing or loan you can avail from your lender based on the value of your property. Learn how it is calculated.

Home Loan Down Payment: What is the Minimum Amount Needed?

Know the minimum amount needed for home loan down payment while applying for the loan. Read to know the benefits of making a higher down payment.

7 Smart Ways to Manage & Reduce Your Home Loan Burden

Here are top 6 smart ways to manage and reduce your home loan burden. These strategies can help you manage your debt situation better. Read to know more.

How To Apply for Home Loan in Easy Steps

Here is a step-by-step guide to apply for home loan in India. Check the documents required, eligibility criteria, processing fees and more.

Understanding Home Loan Balance Transfer and its Process

Here is the detailed information about home loan balance transfer and how it works. Know the step-by-step process, documents required and eligibility criteria.

All you need to know about CIBIL Score

Here is a complete guide to CIBIL score. Know what is credit score, how CIBIL score is calculated and factors affecting your CIBIL score.

Know the Documents Required for Loan against Property and How to apply for it?

Know about the documents required for getting loan against property for salaried as well as self-employed individuals. Learn how to apply for it in easy steps.

Home Loan vs Loan Against Property: What is the Difference?

Know the difference between home loan and loan against property. From features, eligibility criteria, interest rates and more, here is everything you need to know.

Know the Impact of Credit Score on Home Loans

Your credit score can impact your home loan approval and interest rates significantly. Learn how to improve your CIBIL score to get approval for housing loan.

Tips to Improve Eligibility when Applying for Home Loan

Follow these 6 steps to improve your chances for home loan approval. Maintain a good credit score and select extended tenure for quick loan approval.

Understanding the Paperwork: Documents Checklist for Home Construction Loans

Here is a list of documents required for home construction loans in India for salaried and non-salaried applicants. Know how home construction loan works.

What are the important documents required for a home loan in India?

Check out the important documents required for getting home loan in India. Here is the list of documents for salaried, non-salaried and NRI applicants.

What are the Tax benefits you will get on a Home Loan?

Learn about the tax benefits on home loans in India. Know how to save tax, how much benefit you can get and how to apply for it. Read to know more.

Securing a Home Loan in India

Here is a detailed guide to apply for home loans in India with SBI Realty. Know how home loans work in India and documents required to apply for it.

An Overview of Home Loan Varieties in India

Here are 8 different types of home loans in available in India. Compare and choose the best housing loan plan for your dream home that suits your need.

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