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Home Loan Balance Transfer

Discover a smart way to save big by transferring your home loan to SBI. Benefit from attractive interest rates, reduced EMIs, and zero processing fees. Our customer-centric approach ensures a seamless transition, while flexible repayment options cater to your convenience. Make the move today to secure your financial future and maximize your savings with SBI's Home Loan Balance Transfer. Your dream home just became more affordable.

Let’s understand what is home loan balance transfer in detail?
A home loan balance transfer is a financial arrangement where you move your existing home loan from one lender to another, typically in search of better terms, interest rates, or repayment options. This process is done to reduce your financial burden and improve the overall loan terms.

Features & Benefits of Home Loan Balance Transfer

Cost Savings

The primary benefit of a home loan balance transfer is potential cost savings. Lower interest rates and reduced EMIs can significantly lower your overall loan cost. With affordable home loan balance transfer charges you can make the shift easily.

Better Customer Service

SBI Bank, is a banker to every Indian and hence the reputation for customer service means you're likely to experience a smoother home loan balance transfer process and easier access to assistance.

Access to SBI Bank's Services

By transferring your home loan to SBI, you may gain access to other banking services and benefits offered by the bank.

Avail Top-up

Additional expenses towards furnishing and interiors may add up financial burden. Hence, SBI Bank offers home loan balance transfer with top up. Isn’t it amazing? This benefit will add the vibe you always wanted to create in your dream home.

Home Loan Balance Transfer Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for a home loan balance transfer with SBI can vary based on factors such as your current loan situation, creditworthiness, and SBI's specific policies. While specific criteria may change over time, here are some general eligibility requirements that borrowers typically need to meet for an SBI Home Loan Balance Transfer.

Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

Balance Transfer lets you determine details when you shift your outstanding home loan balance from an existing bank to SBI, check the amount saved after switching banks.

Current Loan

Current O/s Balance






SBI home Loan





Your Saving

Existing EMI


Proposed EMI


How to use Balance Transfer Calculator

This Balance Transfer calculator has two parts, one for the input of details of loan with your current bank and the other for the desired loan with SBI Realty.

You can either enter the Balance Transfer amount in figures or you can just select the preferred loan amount from the drag-forward menu. Both are acceptable.

Current Loan

  • Enter the Balance Loan Amount with your current bank. Balance Loan Amount here refers to the remaining amount of the loan that still needs to be paid back.
  • Enter the total tenure of the current loan.
  • Enter the current interest rate.

SBI Home Loan

  • Enter the desired tenure of the loan balance amount.
  • Enter the desired rate of interest. To make it meaningful, check the ongoing rates in the market for loans.

With these inputs, you will see the new proposed Balance Transfer EMI with SBI Realty and your total saving!

For example, if your balance loan amount is Rs.30 lakh for a total 20-year tenure at 8.70% rate of interest, that means your current monthly EMI comes to Rs.26,416. Now, if you choose a tenure of 25 years and 7.7% interest rate for the same balance amount with SBI Realty, your new EMI will be Rs.22,561 with a total saving of Rs.9,25,011.

Documents required for Home Loan Balance Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is home loan EMI?

Home loan EMI stands for Equated Monthly Instalment. It is a fixed monthly payment made by a borrower to the lender (usually a bank or financial institution) as repayment towards a home loan. The EMI includes both the principal amount and the interest on the loan, which are spread out over the loan tenure.

Where can I apply for home loan balance transfer?

To apply for home loan balance transfer click here and fill the form our executive will get in touch with you shortly.

Is it a good idea to balance transfer home loan?

Yes of course it is if you are paying higher EMIs, it will help you save big.

Are there any charges for home loan transfer?

For home loan balance transfer charges you will have to get in touch with us, however certain charges like processing fees, technical & legal evaluation charges etc. you may have to bear.

What is the minimum time for home loan transfer?

For entire home loan balance transfer process it make take 10-15 working days.

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