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Loan Against Property

Secure your financial goals with SBI's Loan against Property. Utilize the value of your residential or commercial property to access funds. Whether it's expanding your business, funding education, marriage or managing medical expenses, SBI Realty offers competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options. Benefit from lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans, with the property acting as collateral. Empower your aspirations with SBI's reliable and convenient Loan against Property offering. Read more to know about loan against property interest rate

Features & Benefits of Loan against Property

Loan against Property Eligibility Criteria

Loan against Property eligibility typically requires the applicant to possess a property, exhibit a steady income source, and fulfil age and credit criteria. The property's valuation, borrower's repayment capacity, credit worthiness and other factors influence the approved loan amount and terms

Loan Against Property Calculator

To know your loan against property eligibility the calculator comes as a handy online tool. It will help you estimate potential loan amounts and EMIs based on property value, tenure, and interest rate. It assists in informed financial planning by providing quick insights into borrowing options using your property's equity.

Loan Amount


Tenure (Year)




Monthly EMI

Principal Amount

Interest Amount

Total amt payable

How to use Loan Against Property Calculator

You can either enter the amount in figures or you can just select the preferred Mortgage loan amount from the drag-forward menu. Both are acceptable.

Here are the steps to use the Loan Against Property Calculator.

  • Enter the amount of Loan Against Property required by you.
  • Enter the desired tenure of the Mortgage loan you are looking at.
  • Enter the rate of interest. To make it meaningful, check the ongoing rates in the market for Loan Against Property.

Once these inputs are put in, you get output at two levels.

At the first level, you get the Mortgage loan EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) payable for the inputs provided.

At the second level, you get the total amount payable by you over the tenure of the loan as principal and interest.

Here is what the data you see means.

For example, if you select a Rs.25 lakh loan against property for a 20-year tenure and at 6.70% rate of interest, your monthly EMI comes to Rs.18,935. Over the tenure of the Mortgage loan, you will pay back Rs.45,44,365 to the bank, which will include Rs25 lakhs as principal and Rs.20,44,365 as the interest on loan.

Just below the Loan Against Property calculator, you can see the entire journey covered in a graph complete with annual drawdown or the year-wise balance amount payable.

Documents Required for Loan Against Property

Make sure to get all the right documents required for the plot loan process in order to have a safe and seamless journey. Our experts will be happy to guide you throughout the process. Mentioned below are the important documents you must carry with you in order to get it done without time consumption

Loan against Property - Interest Rates and Charges

Processing Fees: We charge a processing fee when you apply for a loan against property. The fee is a percentage of the loan amount and covers administrative costs associated with processing the loan application.

Late Payment Fees: Late payment or default on EMIs can lead to penalties or late payment charges.

Other Charges: Other charges, such as legal and technical evaluation fees, may apply. These fees cover the cost of assessing the property's title and its valuation.

* Stamp duty is applicable

Frequently Asked Questions

What is home loan EMI?

Home loan EMI is the monthly fixed amount you pay towards the interest and principal of your home loan.

Why choose SBI Realty for Loan against Property?

SBI is a banker to every Indian, and hence trust comes to us with our rich legacy. With us your property remains in safe hands and you get the best possible loan against your property.

What are the different purposes for which I can take LAP?

You can take loan against property for business expansion, higher education, child’s marriage, emergency funding or purchase of assets.

How can I apply for a loan against property?

Click here to fill up basic details and we shall call you to understand your requirement and provide you with loan against property.

Do banks give loan against property?

Bank do give home loan against property once you fulfil the prerequisite documentation process.

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